It seems that we all grew up loving Disney and everything it has to offer, whether it was going to Disney World or watching Disney Channel. Even now, at 21 years old, the simple word “Disney” results in an immediate feeling of happiness. But the bigger influence that Disney holds on my life is the opportunity to participate in the Disney College Program. It seems as if everyday I log onto Facebook or open my email, I see information, testimonials, and pictures about the program. And might I add, they do a mighty fine job at encouraging people to apply! After seeing all the happy testimonials about how amazing the experience was, I want nothing more than to be able to find the time in my academic career to possibly participate in the oh-so-amazing program it seems to be! If their goal is to reach audiences much like myself, their online presence, especially on Facebook, is a great way of doing so.

If I could give any PR advice to the Disney College Program, it would be to find even more online platforms for work with such as Twitter and Instagram. The testimonials from previous employees are such a great tool and could definitely be used more as well.

For more information on the Disney College Program please click the link below:

Disney College Program